The Best Hotel Tricks That Will Help You Stay Healthy And Safe When Traveling


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One of the most amusing parts about traveling is that moment when you run back to your hotel room after a long day of exploring the new city. You are probably tired, dirty, and all you need is to do is take a long shower and cuddle up with a soft blanket that the hotel provided you.

In order to do all of this with a comfortable mind, you must be aware of so many things before you pick the room that will be your home for the next couple of days, because after all, how clean is that room? And how safe could it be?

So all of you, travel enthusiasts, before you start looking for any hotels of your next destination, you must check the best hotel tricks that will help you stay healthy when traveling.

Stay between the 3rd and 6th floor: To avoid any hotel thefts, you have to stay far from the first and second floor. Picking a floor above these two will decrease your chances of having your belongings taken away from you.

On the other hand, stay on any floor below the sixth floor because if there was a fire in the hotel, the fire engine ladders will not be able to reach the 7th floor.

So technically, staying between the 3rd and 6th floor will increase your chances of staying alive, safe, and having all your belongings safe with you.

Skip the historic stays: Booking a Victorian B&B could be one of the most luxurious and romantic experiences you could ever have, but it could also be one of the reasons of you are starting to catch diseases because that room is probably hiding a lot of dust and allergens in its corners.

So if you really don’t want to get sick anytime soon, then it is best to stick with a clean, modern hotel. It will still be a special vacation, regardless of how the furniture looks like.

Book an allergy-free room: There are many hotels that offer allergy-free rooms, which mean they are designed to reduce the allergens all over the room. Even if you don’t have an allergy, you can still request it to benefit from its “super” clean sheets.

If your hotel can’t provide that service, then you can check if they have allergy packs with items like face masks, mattress covers, and special pillows.

Keep your number room secret: It doesn’t matter how safe your hotel looks like, you always have to protect yourself from any sudden danger, especially if you traveled overseas. So make sure the employee at the front desk doesn’t say your room number out loud and write them down instead.

Plus, make sure the hotel doesn’t give room numbers to anyone. Call the front desk and pretend to be a friend who is asking for the room you are in. if they gave it to you with no issue, then that’s a red flag.


Check for bedbugs: Bedbugs are very common, and even the best hotels could end up with them. Once you get inside the hotel room and before you start unpacking, examine the room from any bugs. Try to look for brown, small bugs (the size of an apple seed).

Take a close look at the mattress liners and pillows for any tiny creatures or bloodstains. If there is something suspicious about the room, you can ask for another one. Don’t forget to do the same search there, too.

Double check for bedbugs at home: After you go back home after your unforgettable trip, take your entire luggage to the laundry room and check for any sign of bedbugs. If you see anything, then throw all your clothes inside your washing machine, and follow up with the dryer on very high heat for 15 minutes minimum.

If there are items that can’t be washed, you can put them in the freezer for a few days. Those bugs must be dead as soon as possible or they will invade your home and never leave it.

Pack your own sheets: Even if you are going to book a room at the most expensive hotel in the country, you will still have to be cautious. Your health matters and no one would care about it as much as you do.

So, pack your own clean sheets and use them during your stay because the hotel sheets could have a bad smell or they would be crawling with allergens, dust mites, and germs.

After all, you will feel at home during your stay, which will help you get a really good sleep during the whole night.

Put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign: Putting up the sign of “Do Not Disturb” is the perfect way to fool thieves that you are still inside your hotel room, because hanging a sign with “please make up room” is like hanging a clear announcement and presenting a very warm welcome for all thieves to get inside and carry anything they want.

However, you can still call the housekeeping to let them know they can make up your room even if that sign is not there.

Don’t forget the fitness facilities: If you are willing to stay at your destination more than a few days, then make sure your hotel has a pool or a workout room. Then, promise yourself to use them and take full advantage of them in order to enjoy all the meals and sweet cakes during your stay.

Plus, you will always feel confident about your body and the way you look, especially if you are planning to have a date or to find yourself one.

Avoid the hot tub: The hot tub could be one of your favorite activities after a long, exciting day. But there is a huge chance that it already becomes the bacteria’s breeding ground, which can cause many infections, therefore, itchy red bumps.

There are many people who have caught many diseases from the hotel’s hot tub, even from the air around it. After all, it is your decision whether to take a soak or not.

Enjoy your stay!


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