Here are 7 Common Packing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


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Once you decide which travel destination to visit and book your flight ticket, the countdown starts! You are too excited about your adventure and can’t wait to get there soon! However, you are fully aware that the traveling process is quite stressful, especially when it comes to packing!

Packing a suitcase and deciding what things to pack when traveling and which ones to leave behind is with no doubting a hard challenge. In fact, packing is a true art form and to master it, you should do a lot of practice and avoid some common mistakes that can make the packing process stressful and exhausting!

You Pack Your Entire Wardrobe Into A Suitcase: This is one of the biggest mistakes that almost everybody makes when it comes to packing. In fact, it is very important for travelers to practice a bit of self-control at this particular stage, otherwise, they’ll pack the entire wardrobe and end up wearing only half of it.

To avoid doing this mistake, you’d better be a smart traveler and pack only the things you’ll need. Also, make sure you pack the things that go together or pieces of clothes that are versatile and can fit with several outfits.

For instance, make sure you stick to a simple color palette and classic pieces that can be worn on different occasions. To save space, roll t-shirts and tuck socks into your shoes!

You’ve Forgotten That There Are Many Shops In Your Travel Destination: Unless you are planning to spend your vacation in a remote island or mountain retreat, there is no use in packing your bathroom shelf in your suitcase. You should be a smart traveler and save the space in your suitcase for other important items.

Besides, if you are staying in a hotel, you won’t need to pack everything as most of the good hotels provide their guests with the basics.

Moreover, there are many shops, drugstores, and supermarkets in your travel destination and quickly popping there will get you all the things you need.


You Think Your Life Gonna Stop Without Your Blow Drier: When traveling, it’s good to keep in mind that the main goal behind flying to the end of the world is to explore and discover new things you have never seen or experienced before. Therefore, you are definitely not there to waste hours of your precious time on your beauty regime.

So, before you travel, make sure you talk to your hair stylist about a maintainable haircut while those with long hair, they can very simply tie it up and go for a natural look! If you cannot give up in makeup, you can very simply wear a smudge of lip balm and a slick of mascara and Voila! You are ready to go!

You Don’t Bag Your Shoes: Packing a couple of canvas bags and tucking your shoes inside them is always a smart idea! In fact, even if your shoes are clean, they are still mucky and after a few wears, they start to stink!

So, not putting them in special bags when packing can cause the smell to permeate your entire suitcase. To avoid this and keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean, you’d better not forget to pack some canvas bags!

You’ve Mixed Up Your Prohibited Items: This is a very common mistake and many travelers only tend to find out about the airport and hand luggage rules when they reach the TSA checking point! To avoid this, you should be aware of the airline’s instructions. This way, you can be sure that everything is in its right and proper place.

You Got Totally Sucked In By The Travel Gadget Adverts: It’s true that some travel gadgets can make your trip experience smooth and easier but allowing yourself to get caught in the trap of purchasing every single item in your in-flight magazine is a mistake to avoid!

Instead, be smart and only opt for one pair of headphones, spring for a travel adapter, and some few other basic items. This way, you will not only save extra space but also time as you won’t need to spend hours charging all the devices.

You Think That One Type Of Luggage Fits Different Types Of Trips: What most travelers ignore is that different types of luggage fit different types of trips. So, before you pack, take into consideration what kind of trip you are taking. For instance, if you are planning to take a wheelie on a rail trip, you should make sure that the wheelie bag is not too wide to roll down the aisle.

It’s also more practical to opt for a small, soft-sided bag like a holdall when flying on a light aircraft and heading to an offshore island or a remote safari lodge. Don’t assume that you can take the same luggage everytime you travel.


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