15 Smart Hacks That Will Help You Find Cheap Flight Tickets

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Who wants cheap flights? Of course, everyone! Who wants free flights? Nobody because that’s just a lie!

The free flights deal is the biggest hoax, and it is roaming around the internet these days, even all the hacks of the world can’t help you get that unless your father is the owner of an airline, then you go, friend!

However, with a smart mind and an observing eye, you will get to find yourself the cheapest flight of them all. You only need to keep an eye on all the deals and try to follow these 15 smart hacks.

Be flexible: In order to book the cheapest flight, you must be as flexible as you can be. Personally, I have been lucky to work from home so that I can be available for traveling and going anywhere at any time. That gave me enough time to be checking flight prices and their dates, which led me to discover that there are some days when you can have the cheapest flights ever. So don’t limit your time and keep your options open for every deal.

Go anywhere: Also, you should be accpeting to many possibilities when it comes to choosing your destination. For example, if you are interested to visit Europe, then be ready to fly to any place that exists in that continent, and from there, you can go to the country you desire on a train.

However, you won’t find this hack as hard as it sounds if you have a growing list of destinations that you want to visit. Some way or another, a perfect chance is going to jump out anytime.

PS: it is best to book the flight a few weekends before throughout the year in order to get some mega bargains.

Go Anytime: The best way to search for flights is Skyscanner. It provides you with the possibility of looking for destinations by choosing the dates and time. This feature is great when it comes to finding the cheapest flight that suits your schedule. For better results, you can use the Skyscanner app to seek flights beyond the month limitations of websites. Believe me, it is the perfect way to fly to your destination so cheaply.

Weekend or Weekday? You will never find one perfect answer if you asked people about the day when the cheapest flights occur because everyone has a different opinion and also, it depends on your destination.

There are some destinations that are extremely popular because of the too many business passengers, which mean that one costs more in the weekdays. Meanwhile, some other destinations are great for leisure so the weekend prices are going to be on fire. So if you are flexible, then pick the day wisely.

Be secret: This hack may seem dumb for many people, but somehow, it works. So the best way is to search “In Private” in order for the airline to not put the price up next time you check it. All of these techniques are depending on the cookies, so the airline knows exactly the destination you are interested in. It is best to use the Skyscanner app because it doesn’t use cookies for this purpose and the price will never change.

Enjoy a bonus mini-break: Once, I was trying to book a flight with Singapore Air from London to Bali, and the price was £546, but then I started to think of ways I can save the money. So I found out that flying from Rome to the same destination is only £346, which is a great saving.

So with only £15 I flew to Rome, used the money I saved exploring the city, and then went to my destination. So before you book any ticket, remember that airlines and airports have a huge difference when it comes to their taxes. In other words, flights could always be cheaper from the different hub.

Sign up for deals on cheap prices: Yes, I know, you don’t want any more spam. But if your goal is to have a longer trip, for example, Africa, then you could sign up with all the relevant airlines in order to get the best deals in your email. Here is an example that will change your mind: Jetstar in Australia do some crazy Friday sales, and they emailed me once about a flight to Milan with £2 (including taxes), so obviously, I booked it the second I read it!

Be the genius nerd who detects cheap flights: One of the best search hacks that I have ever discovered is to put in the country where you are supposed to depart from as certain airlines/agents are restricted on where they can market the flight tickets, too.

Here is an example, Bali to London, I wrote: “Indonesia” as my location and “UK” as my destination. I would get to save £35. It is basically nothing but that’s not bad, at all!

Book direct! You should always book direct with the airline, especially if it was a long-haul flight. You will get to find cheaper flights than in booking websites like Expedia. The T&C for change/cancellation is always cheaper and better. However, Skyscanner has nothing to do with that because its job is to only search for the best flights for you.

You are your own search engine: Not every airline is listed with agents or on search sights, so it is best to use Wiki in order to find all the airlines of the location where you are currently. I had this idea back when I was in Malaysia and I was surprised that there is an airline called FireFly that offered much cheaper flights than I have ever seen on this route. So try it, it may be worth a shot!

Get on “Rome 2 Rio”: If you find yourself constantly asking “where the heck is that airport” that come from budget airlines, or you can’t work out connections, then Rome 2 Rio is the app that will save your life. Also, it can help you with the checking out alternative routes.

For instance, let’s say you want to travel to Florence, but it is cheaper if you flew to Rome. So a few clicks on the app and you will know the best and cheapest option to get to Rome, and seriously, who doesn’t want a bonus visit to a glorious city like Rome?

Book in advance: When it comes to booking mistakes, I have done them all, and the worst one is to book last minute. Once, I wanted a flight to Indonesia so I checked 6 months before and it was £300. Instead of booking it immediately, I waited until the last week and I was stunned when I found that it became £900. Am I an idiot? Yes, but you don’t have to be. So always book your tickets in advance, even if the last minute flight is not that expensive.

Travel light and don’t eat… : Do you really, really want to fly cheaper? Then you must ignore all the additional costs that airlines enforce without complaining about it. You can actually survive a 4-hour flight without eating, squeeze between people into that middle seat, and handle all the advertising nonsense that comes with it, do you want to know why? Because that money would be more worthy when you spend it on the country you are willing to explore.

Seek the stopover deals: There are countless of airlines that provide some stopover deals, especially the ones in China and the Middle East. They can actually include 2 free nights in a hotel and many activities.

However, the flights that offer these things may not be the cheapest, but when you consider all the possibilities, then this option is the best. The thing is, the search engine is not going to find any of these deals, so you will need to do your own homework.

Check for charter airlines: Charter airlines are the ones that fly on package holidays, like the UK’s airline Thomson. They usually announce flights last minute as if there are plenty of people booked on that package. So it is better to see you warming up in that seat. However, if you are flying last minute then this is going to be a great option for you!

If you have any other tricks or hacks, then don’t hesitate to share it with us! Have a safe trip…

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