11 Mistakes You Should Never Do On A Plane


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Air travel is stressful and exhausting and you are definitely not the only one going through hard times before finally arriving at your destination!

However, smart travelers are constantly trying to improve their flight experience by learning more about what they should or shouldn’t do while airborne. This way, they make their trip less stressful, more comfortable and healthy!

Wearing Contact Lenses: Wearing contact lenses is a big mistake that you should avoid doing ! And that’s for a simple and obvious reason: the contact lenses make your eyes drier and when you are on board the dryness can increase due to the dry air inside the plane, which eventually lead to uncomfortable and even debilitating results.

Hence, it ’s better to wear glasses or one –day lenses, especially if you have a long flight to take. Also, don’t forget to take your eye drops with you!

Stop Your Clogged Ears: It is very normal to have clogged ears when the plane takes off and land. This happens due to the pressure difference. So, trying to minimize the uncomfortable sensation by unclogging your ears is a big ‘’No’’. Instead, there are some useful ways you can take into consideration :

– Try to make sucking and swallowing movements: For instance, you can chew gum or suck on candy. As for kids can find a bottle of water more helpful.

– You can close and open your mouth every once in a while.

– You can blow off your ears: to do this correctly, you need to breathe in first, pinch your nose with your fingers and then breath out as if you are pushing air from your ears. Make sure you are doing this method carefully especially if you have a runny nose or allergic sniffles.

Take A Flight With A Stuffy Nose: This is one of the biggest mistakes that need to be avoided! In fact, a stuffy nose will make your flight experience even worse and that’s because it will add more pressure to your ears. We are not saying that you should cancel your trip because you got flu, but at least try to have some vasoconstrictive drops before you finally take off and land.

Above all, make sure you consult your doctor first and see if it’s okay to travel or not!

Sitting Motionless: Most travelers do make this mistake and tend to stay motionless during their flight. But what they ignore is that by sitting in such a position, they can increase their risk of developing thrombosis. Here are some simple tips to help you avoid sitting motionless :

– Stand up from time to time and go for short walks around the cabin.

– Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that don’t constrict your movement.

– Remember to take your shoes off.

– If you are already suffering from blood circulation issues, make sure you take compression socks with you.

– Make sure you do some simple exercises during your flight such as lifting and dropping down your toes and heels.

Drinking Carbonated Drinks: All flatulence-increasing products should be avoided during the flight. This includes carbonated drinks, brown bread, apples, beans, etc. These food items will only make your flight uncomfortable and stimulate the process. So, the more you avoid these food items, the better!


Taking Reat Seats If You Have Motion Sickness: If you have motion sickness, you should never ever take rear seats as this will only increase the uncomfortable feelings. Instead, you’d better opt for the front seats or those places near the wing of the plane. It might be even useful to watch what you eat, especially, the day before your flight date. Avoid alcohol, fried, and fatty foods.

Abuse Alcohol: It is always a good idea to not drink alcohol before and during your flight. This drink will only intensify dehydration and make the blood oxygen saturation weaker, which eventually might end up causing you apathy and drowsiness. In addition, it is very common that people get drunk faster while airborne, so, you’d better avoid this drink completely!

Touching The Objets Around You With No Reason: Surely, you know that the plane is home to nasty germs and bacteria, right? Touching the surrounding objects is, therefore, a big mistake that you must stop doing. Otherwise, you will increase your risks of catching serious viruses or infections, especially that sanitation does not take place after each and every plane!

The best thing to stay safe and healthy is to avoid touching things and use alcohol wipes to clean your hands when you do!

Use Your Smartphone Onboard: Using your device onboard and especially during takeoff and landing can be really dangerous. This behavior cannot only put your life at risk but even that of other passengers on the plane.

In fact, the signal of your gadget can cause interference in the navigation system and radio communication, which will eventually make it hard for the pilot to hear the transmitted information. Hence, the first thing to do when onboard is to switch off your device or use the flight mode!

Using Airplane Headphones: Even if those airplane headphones look clean, you’d better not use them! Normally, the headphones are cleaned between flights but still, they are not cleaned properly. Therefore, they are definitely not safe to use. That’s why it is always better to bring your headphones and use them.

Walk Barefoot: This might be a bit surprising but there are some passengers that do this! If you are one of them, you should stop this unhealthy behavior. It’s true that it might be very tempting to take your shoes off and stay comfortable during your flight but by exposing your bare feet to the floor you can catch and even spread germs yourself.


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