10 Ways To Make Traveling With Your Aging Parents More Fun


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There are many reasons why you should travel with your aging parents, but the hassle and stress sometimes hold you back and make you halt your trip with them!

Well, if you think that traveling with your parents is no longer fun and enjoyable because they are older and not as spry as they used to be in the past, then, you are very wrong!

Traveling with your aging parents can be a real success, fun, and a great opportunity to deepen your bond. In fact, all you need is to make some adjustments and plan accordingly.

Research Which Destination To Visit: This is an important step that you shouldn’t take lightly when it comes to planning to travel with your aging parents, especially if they use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. In such cases, U.S travel is considered a good option, but there are many other countries that facilitate the navigation of people with mobility issues.

However, if you are planning to go overseas, make sure you do an extensive online research and try to find out whether the hotel, inn or Airbnb place you are willing to visit has an elevator. Otherwise, you’d better book a room on the floor ground to make it easier for your elderly parents to navigate.

Before you travel, make sure you check guest reviews on Trip Advisor and other useful travel sites. You can also post your question and get all the answers you are looking for with a click of a button.

Make Sure You Look For Senior Fares: In most of the cases, your retiree parents travel on a budget. So, don’t expect them to exceed it and spend most of it on very expensive flight tickets! In fact, you should take advantage of this and look for senior discounts.

There are many airlines that do offer very interesting and appealing discounts on some routes, including American Airlines, Southwest, and British Airways. Discounts can include train travel tickets, hotels, and more! So, make sure that you shop around for the best rate!

Book A Train Trip: If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience with your parents that will linger in your memories forever after, then, don’t hesitate to book a train trip. This way, your parents will have more legroom than on a flight and at the same time enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

For a unique experience, book a luxurious train trip with your own cabin through the U.S or the Canadian Rockies. It will be also a great idea to take a high-speed train in many European countries.

Some interesting train trips that offer very unique landscapes go through China, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian Countries.

Consider A Cruise Ship: A cruise ship is an amazing option for elderly people with mobility issues ! in fact, a cruise is so much like a floating city that has much to offer and your parents would love to get on board!

However, if both your parents or just one of them is not so much into large ships and the ocean, you can always take them in river cruises that take its passengers to wonderful European Capitals.

In case one of your parents is a handicap or have serious mobility issues, make sure to book a cabin with a balcony. This way, they can enjoy the stunning view without having to take the trouble to go up on a deck or wander around on a shore excursion.

Avoid Making Decisions On Their Behalf: Before you travel with your parents, make sure to understand that they don’t necessarily have the same interests. For example, if you think that clubbing is a great idea when in vacation, your parents might find it the worst thing to do !

so, if they decide to spend their vacation somewhere quiet and cozy, respect that and don’t try to strong-arm them into something they don’t want to do ! remember, the trip should be pleasant for everyone !


Get Some Travelers Checks: When traveling, make sure you get some traveler’ checks. Oh ! yes this may seem funny and old-fashioned but what you might not know is that some seniors are not really familiar with the use of credit cards when traveling and they would definitely feel more comfortable using traveler’s checks.

The latter only requires a signature and make the senior feel no pressure of having lots of cash on hand.

Be Aware Of Airline And Airport Rules: In case one of your parents uses a wheelchair or electric mobility scooter, make sure to check in early so that the airport can provide your parent with a wheelchair to the gate. Also, make sure to check in early to ensure that you get to the gate on time.

normally, travelers with mobility issues can be on board the plane very early with a family member. For extra comfort, make sure you pick a bulkhead seat that offers enough legroom.

Also, you should avoid exit-row seats so that your parents won’t have trouble assisting with an emergency evacuation.

Be Clear About The Costs: To avoid ruining your familial vacation, you should carefully plan your voyage! Let’s say that you should be clear when it comes to who is willing to pay what and whether you will all pay an equal share or everyone will pay for himself!

Again, decide where to stay and how much money everyone is able to pay for the hotel stay! these details shouldn’t be neglected and need to be all discussed in advance to avoid possible problems later on!

Don’t Try To Do Too Much: We understand how traveling can make you feel excited and on cloud nine ! you write down a list of all the things you wanna do or experience but while you do this don’t forget that you are not traveling with your friends but your senior parents!

Hence, it is enough to pick one city or two in which you can stay together and do a lot of exciting things. Avoid walking much and try to come out with some interesting activities that you can both enjoy!

Don’t Forget To Purchase Travel Insurance: Whether you are traveling for three days or three months, you should always get your travel insurance. Life is quite unpredictable, which means that accidents and emergencies may occur and the only way to get reimbursed is through travel insurance.

There are many insurance websites like Travelinsurance.com and Squaremouth.com where you can purchase your travel insurance. However, before you do, take time to shop around and compare plans before you finally make a purchase.

Also, don’t forget to read the fine print to have all the information you need to know concerning when cancellations, delays, and interruptions are covered by the insurance.


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