10 of the Strangest Things Found by Airport Security


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You won’t believe how bizarre things can get during airport security checks. From innocuous to dangerous or even alive, these things are just shocking (and also prohibited on board.)

Obviously, some passengers still don’t know what they can and can’t bring through airport security. Or maybe they know but they just do it anyway.

What’s certain is that Transport Security Administration agents are never bored as they come across some of the strangest, dumbest, and scariest things that totally defy both sanity and expectation.

A huge cocaine-filled horse head: In 2016, a group of traffickers stashed cocaine in a giant horse head. Actually, the head weighed nearly as much as an average stable horse. Strangely enough, what made things worse is the coat of fake jewels on the nearly half-ton horse coke head.

That glittering horror was supposed to make it all the way from Mexico to New Zealand without attracting unwanted attention, but unfortunately, that’s not what actually happened.

Once the head arrived at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand, customs officials emptied it only to uncover $10 million worth of cocaine.

A 3D-printed mouse dong: 3D printers can make countless amazing creations, but from the dark side, they can also generate animal privates! In 2017, there was an extremely awkward exchange between authorities at Ronald Regan Airport and Martin Cohn, a researcher from University of Florida.

Part of Cohn’s work involves animal studies and 3D-printing their privates. Well, during a baggage scan, one giant copy of dude mouse stuff was spotted by a TSA member, and you can only guess the level of oddness.

Human Skulls: In 2006, at Florida airports, a woman was caught smuggling a human skull from Haiti. The skull was actually intended to ward off malevolent spirits, but ironically, it got the woman arrested. 7 years later, a couple of women got caught with human cranial remains at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International.

The two ladies had bought Cuban magic pots to halt evil forces. Oddly and freakishly, the pots contained pieces of human teeth, skull, and dirt. Luckily, the women were released after questioning, leaving fellow passengers shocked and also wondering what one can possibly do with a skull and teeth!

Raw cow brains and other meaty stuff: One recent creepy airport discovery happened just last year when a woman arrived with assorted animal fragments at the US from Vietnam. After a quick inspection, it was revealed that the questionable traveler was carrying more than 20 pounds of raw brains, hearts, tongues, heads, and feet, which came from chicken, pigs, and cows.

Strangely enough, the woman didn’t get in any real trouble. However, customs officials had to dispose of the potentially diseased meat. What’s truly shocking is that such things happen on a regular basis at the airport, as more than 4,600 pounds of unapproved animal and plant bits are caught every year.


A sword cane: In February 2017, it was reported that an eighty-year-old woman walked into Myrtle Beach International with a cane to help her get around. But the x-rays revealed that this seemingly innocent old lady had a sword cane. This was sincerely shocking to the old lady.

According to airport security, old people commonly show up with multi-purpose murder canes. The truth is, many seniors buy walking aids at thrift stores and walk out with camouflaged deadly tools.

Trouser pigeons: Pigeons can fly, which makes putting them on planes totally meaningless. Yet, in 2009, a man defied common sense and air travel regulations by sneaking pigeons onto his flight.

As he had just returned from Dubai, officers at the airport quickly uncovered bird eggs masked as vitamins in the man’s luggage. Convinced something pretty strange is going on, they searched his clothes to find a couple of actual pigeons.

The traveler had stuffed the two pigeons in big envelopes and shoved them down a pair of tights under his pants.

Canned cobras: In 2017, US Customs and Border Protection seized potato chip cans shipped from Hong Kong to California. Assuming that illegal drugs are the only snack that’s delicious enough to warrant overseas request, they opened the cans only to find 3 two-ft long cobras.

This can leave you wondering just how anyone can think about mailing canned cobras overseas! Apparently, the receiver was trading reptiles with a Chinese associate.

Cocaine-infused breast implants: In June 2015, drug smugglers found a creative (and terrifyingly odd) way to transport cocaine. A woman was acting weird and guilty after a flight from Bogota to Barcelona, causing the staff to x-ray her.

They instantly found that she’d recently had breast surgery, but then she cracked when confronted about it, confessing she allowed someone to inject an unknown substance in her breast implants so she would transport it.

After removing the implants, authorities discovered that they were filled with more than 3 pounds of liquid cocaine.

A live turtle burger: Pet owners sometimes do the craziest things to keep their animal buddies close by. In 2016, one passenger couldn’t bear to leave his turtle behind, so he shoved his shelled pet between two buns and wrapped it in KFC paper. Clearly, this plan was a total failure.

Airport security scanned his luggage and quickly noticed a strange mass in it, and so he just had to leave the turtle at home.

Prehistoric fossils: In 2009, China witnessed a significant fossil theft. Some criminals plopped $30,000-worth 60-million-year-old fossils in boxes and shipped them to Chicago. Fortunately, the thieves couldn’t fool airport officials.

After inspections at O’Hare’s mail center in Chicago, the fossils were confiscated and returned to China during a formal ceremony. Actually, fossil thieves and traffickers are both destructive and criminally boring.



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