10 Amazing Books That Will Inspire You To Book Your Dream Trip


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They say that books have the power to change you, to bewitch all your senses, and take you to a totally different world. They also say it’s the best friend you can ever have, and as long as you keep it close, you will never feel alone or lonely!

Another great thing in life is definitely traveling! So, what about if we combine the two? Yes, we are talking about those inspirational books that leave your soul craving for a unique, fun-filled adventure and motivate you to get out of the couch, step out of your comfort zone, pack and then very simply get lost in an unknown destination.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan:

– Kevin Kwan
– Price: $9.60

Crazy Rich Asians is a very interesting novel written by Kevin Kwan. And based on this novel, a movie was created. The latter chronicles the lives of very rich Chinese families who are living in Singapore.

Trust us if you read this novel or at least watch the movie, you will definitely get crazy and you would want to travel to Singapore straightaway! You will be literally mesmerized by the iconic attractions and the life in Singapore.

Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert:

– Penguin Books
– Price: $ 10.21

Every ending is indeed a new beginning and that’s actually what Elizabeth Gilbert has demonstrated on her wonderful and best-selling memoir and travelogue ‘’Eat, Pray, Love’’.

Gilbert went through a very painful divorce experience and after that, she decides to travel to go on a self-discovery journey To Italy, India, and Indonesia. She visits many places, meets new people, and falls in love in the most unexpected moment!

Sometimes all you need is to step out of your own bubble in order to discover how beautiful the world is.

Uncorcked by Paul Shore:

– Price: $4.99
This is a very interesting, funny, and engaging 2017 memoir by Paul Shore. It is speaking about Paul’s adventures after spending one whole year in Provence.

It is also speaking about his crazy adventures in the beautiful and picturesque village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence where he discovers the etiquette of the cheese plate and learns how to play pétanque, which is a French game, falls for the works of Marc Chagall, and more!

If you want to live new and fun experiences in a breathtakingly beautiful place on earth, then, pack your stuff and hit the road to this village!

Wild by Cheryl Strayed:

– Price: $9.99

This is, with no doubt, one of the best novels that you will ever read! The main character of the novel has gone through many chaotic years that included drug use, loss of her mother, and divorce. She felt that her life has no meaning and then suddenly one day she decided to pull it all together!

The protagonist hiked about 1,100-miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, starting her journey in the Mojave Desert and then traveled to north through California, Oregon, and Washington.

The interesting thing is she did all of this alone with no company! So, if you are thinking of tackling the trail yourself, don’t forget to read the book as it will surely be a good source of inspiration.


Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes:

– Broadway Books
– Price: $9.80

Everyone might somehow experience those strange and strong feelings to quit their jobs and travel to Italy! Well, Frances Mayes had the same feeling but unlike other people, she listened to her heart and did it!

In ‘’ Under the Tuscan Sun’’, Frances Mayes tells her readers about her move to Tuscany and about her experience with the locals, the Italian cuisine, and more! Every single word written in the book will arouse those feeling of fleeing to Florence.

A trip to The Beach by Melinda & Robert Blanchard:

– Three Rivers Press
– Price: $9.41

Back in 1989, a cute couple decided to move from Vermont to the island of Anguilla, where they have started their own business and opened a restaurant.

The beginning is always hard and challenging especially when we have to walk roads that we don’t know, but somehow, those roads end up taking us somewhere beautiful and that’s exactly what happened with the married couple, Melinda and Robert.

Through the novel, they are humorlessly narrating the pitfalls they have been through! Today, Blanchard has become one the best Caribbean’s restaurants.

The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto ‘’Che’’ Guevara:

– Ocean Press
– Price :$13.02

This memoir was based on the diaries of a 23 years old medical student who embarked on an eight-month motorcycle trip across South America. The young man encountered many injustices that he all narrates to the world!

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding:

– Price: $12.11

This is a funny and very interesting book to read! While all Kristin’s friends were getting married and procreating, she decided to devote a few weeks of her life on a yearly basis to travel the world. Hence, her book is filled with her far-flung adventures. Whether you are single or already married, you will just love and enjoy reading this book!

The Beach By Alex Garland:

– Price: $6.47

The book describes the beauty and allure of Thailand’s tropical island and gorgeous beaches. That’s in addition to the life there and the culture! It’s definitely worth reading and those with a sensitive soul would definitely book their trip to Thailand the moment they finish reading the book!

A walk In the woods:

– Bryson, Bill
– Price: $6.29

A Walk in the Woods is an amazing travelogue about Bill Bryson’s experience in the Appalachian Trail. He takes its readers into a different world of fairylands where the beauty of majestic mountains, glorious lakes, and forests will bewitch your body and soul.

Purchase the book and then surely you will end up planning for your dream destination the day you finish reading it.


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