The Most Useful Tips For Traveling With A Disability


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To travel with a disability could be a real challenge, but it is never impossible. You just need to do a very good research and plan everything in advance in order to have an enjoyable, comfortable, and incredible journey.

There are many details that must be considered to avoid any issue, like the date or even the happy hour, which is why we have gathered the most needed tips and answers for anyone who is living with disability to experience one of the most amazing trips of his/her life.

Just remember that nothing can stop you for doing whatever you want to do, for exploring new cultures, and for having an unforgettable night out with your loved ones.

The most important questions: During your trip or a getaway night, you have to ask a few questions before heading to any venue, including:

– Is the wheelchair accessible?

Most hotels, restaurants, and bars will say they are “wheelchair accessible”, but the ridiculous part is when you find they have many broken door openers. It is a struggle for anyone dealing with weakness in his/her strength and physical energy. So call in advance and don’t hesitate to ask about everything!

– Do you have a working elevator?

There are many places that have upper levels, like sectioned-off areas and balconies but without elevators.
First, Google the venue and see if there are pictures available. If not, call them and ask!

– Is the walking (ground) area flat?

This question is very important in order to make sure you have the important equipment with you. Focus on knowing what you are going to deal with to ensure you are prepared for any situation.

– Is the accessible parking is close to the entrance/exit?

There are many nightclubs with no disability parking, and the ones that have it still require over 40 ft walk to the entrance, which seems like miles for anyone dealing with a disability. So make sure to ask about it so you can know if you should use Uber or not!

Chat with others: If you never been to a support group, then it is time to consider it. It is very important to reach out to others and speak about your traveling plans. You will be granted with a lot of tips and information that you may find very useful. If you don’t know any group, then social media might do the work perfectly.


Things to look for:

– In case you have a business trip and you are going to be a speaker at an event or the featured guest, ask the event organizers to have a ramp that will help any scooter or wheelchair user to get in and off stage. Otherwise, you can purchase your own portable ramp that will help you tremendously.

– Ask them to provide higher chairs that will help you sit on them easily and comfortably.

– Since your safety is what matters most, call the venues you are willing to visit and ask them for everything you need, especially if they don’t have them on pictures.

– Roll-in showers make travelers with disability have a comfortable and safe experience while taking showers, especially if they had bars on the shower’s sides.

– Getting on and off the toilet could be hard work for many people with disabilities, and a raised toilet seat can ease the experience, especially for those who struggle with balance and strength issues.

Be smart, be safe, make plans, and be prepared because nothing can stand in the way of you traveling anywhere in the world. No matter where you go and how your trip would be, remember that nothing can stop you from having fun!


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