7 Amazing Airplane Features You Never Knew Existed

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Are you getting ready for your upcoming vacation? Well, do yourself a favor and learn more about how you can make your flying experience more exciting and less stressful!

Let’s admit it! Flying is definitely not your favorite part, especially, if you will be spending long hours on board. However, there are many secret features on the plane that can improve your flying experience and make your flight more comfortable and enjoyable!

The Magic Button For Extra Room: Not so many travelers are aware of this magical button but the frequent fliers who travel quite a lot! This button can help you have a very comfortable flight and provide you with some extra space with only a push of a button !

To help you locate it, you just need to reach the armrest closet to the aisle and then try to feel around until you find the magical, secret button. Once you find it, don’t hesitate to push and it will allow the armrest to swing until it’s in line with your seat back.

This way, you can have more space where you can comfortably move your legs without having to hit anything or anyone.

The Secret Handrail: You must hate people when they just grab your seat on their way to the bathroom, right? Well, when it’s your turn to take a trip to the bathroom, you will surely do the same as it’s the only way that can help you stay balanced and not fall in the ground.

And guess what? Your fellow passengers will hate you for grabbing their seats too! The solution? There is a hidden handrail that can help you maintain your balance while on your way to the bathroom.

Surely, you might have seen flight attendants touching the ceiling when they walk. Well, guess what? They are not doing so for the sake of having fun, but for the sake of maintaining their balance.

In fact, the bottom of the overhead compartment has a scalloped area that helps you stay balanced while walking on a moving plane, said the Condé Nast Traveler.

So, next time you are on board and nature calls you, make sure to reach the ceiling for balance. Your fellow passengers will be extremely grateful!

The Secret Sleeping Area: According to Insider, some planes have secret passageways that can allow staff to relax and get some decent shut-eye in order to be able to survive the long hours of work. This is more common for planes, such as Boeing 777 and 787 planes.

This secret passageway is often located near the front of the plane and it’s often kept secret and closed and contains a set of bed that is kept private with thick curtains. So, next time you are on a long-haul flight, you know well where to go to have some rest!


Hook On The Wings: Right on the Airbus plane’s wing, you can spot some yellow bumps with holes in the middle or even sometimes on the white surface. It is really important that you know about these hooks as they can save your life in case of an emergency water landing.

Let’s say that in such cases, the cabin crew use a rope and slip it through one hook and fasten it right to the next. This way passengers can get off the plane without falling by holding to the rope while on the plane.

The Triangle Above Windows: According to pilot Captain Joe, above every four windows of the plane, you can notice a black triangle that lines up with the edge of the plane’s wing. This is designed to make it easier for flight attendants to figure out the best spot from where they can check on the plane’s slats and flaps.

However, this can be also helpful to you especially if you get motion sick on the plane. Hence, you just need to move to a seat between the triangles and you will feel better. This is very simply because the wings of the airplane are the main center of gravity and sitting between them can allow you to have a smooth and comfortable ride.

Holes In The Windows: If you carefully look at an airplane window, you will immediately notice a little hole in the bottom. You will also realize that this window is not like other windows on the plane.

It is in fact made of 3 panes and the little whole, and it is designed to protect against the pressure drop of flying high into the atmosphere while the little hole‘s job is to balance the pressure difference existing in the plane and that outside the plane.

Hidden Handcuffs: According to Express, the flight attendants have the right to restrain naughty passengers with handcuffs, especially if they refuse to listen and keep doing things that disturb other passengers on the plane. Normally, most of the airplanes use plastic restraints while others opt for copy-style cuffs.

It’s true that this is quite embarrassing, but sometimes restraining unruly passengers seems to be the one and only option flight attendants have that can help them maintain the comfort and safety of other passengers.


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